BOBLOV KJ21 Body Worn Camera helps creat a safe environment.
By BOBLOV | 19 May 2020 | 3 Comments

BOBLOV KJ21 Body Worn Camera helps creat a safe environment.

BOBLOV KJ21 1296P Body Worn Camera helps creat a safe environment

Because of COVID-19, Society is unstable. Creating a safe working environment to build trust and protect lovelihoods is a top priority.Officers, healthcare workers and others in public-facing roles rely on the indisputable, non-bias evidence body cameras provide to protect their livelihood and build trust with those they protect and serve.

BOBLOV KJ21 1296P body worn camera is multi-function wearable camera which has powerful auto IR night vision and  large capacity battery. The video recorder comes with built-in a 2850 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for 9~10 Hours of recording time in 1080P, Screen off, IR off. BOBLOV KJ21 allows you recording a video which lenth is up to 30 mins, easy to view.Personal surveillance camera with Lightweight and compact is equipped with two stable 360° rotation clips, fits to clip on shoulder straps of backpack or on polo shirt or on belt. In addition, portable security body cam can also be set to work as a dash camera for your vehicle.Lightweight, unobtrusive cameras help staff in public-facing roles feel safe.

Innovation, integration and expertise is built into every body-worn camera so our customers can perform their best in the moments that matter.Let us check reviews from our customers who have used KJ21.
Credit: Rodney
Fits perfectly on shoulder straps of backpack. The enclosed clip is cleverly designed to hook on strap and stays put. Very stable. I Use it on daily commutes on my little Vespa and am very happy with video quality. Controls are simple, well placed and intuitive. Built-in battery is perfect. No stray battery packs to clutter my life. Overall this is an A+. Love it!

Credit: PeterNYC
This camera is very very good. This camera is awesome. I ride an electric skateboard and electric bike and many people get these stolen. To have footage to provide the police is a godsend. You can delete and view files directly on the camera. You can give the sd card of police camera to law enforcement if needed without having to have the entire camera taking into custody. Excellent aud, easy to use and compatible with an SD card. The only bad thing is the aforementioned clips. They suck....but I'm not going go give less than 5 starts because the camera is awesome and the clips is a quick fix. Go to your local home depot and get some velcro. I use the small clip it came with and velcroed it to my bag. Now It doesn't sag down to show the floor like it did when just using the clips. For liability or security reasons, I highly recommend this product.

Whether you’re a police officer dealing with an agitated citizen, a security professional engaging with an unwanted visitor, or a retail worker interacting with a difficult customer, BOBLOV KJ21 1296P body worn camera can help to keep you safer on the front line.

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